March 2017  
Biblical Counseling Diploma Program

Biblical Counseling Diploma Program


Students interested in learning more about the Bible and how it relates to counseling can enroll in the Biblical Counseling Diploma Program.  These courses expose students to important areas of the humanities and strengthen their ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written forms.



  • High School Diploma or GED




New Testament Course: This 10 week course teaches the fundamental knowledge of the most important historical events of Jesus Christ as found in the first four books of the New Testament of the most important historical events of the Early Church Stage Found in the book of Acts. Upon completion of this course, students will have an understanding of the New Covenant, ministry of Jesus Christ from birth through His crucifixion, Pentecost , Greater Jerusalem Crusade, Choosing of Deacons, and Paul's first mission.


Introduction to Counseling 101 offers an inside view of core counseling techniques and approaches, and opportunities for counseling professionals to understand the complex role client diversity plays in their work. When the ailment can't be measured by numbers on the thermometer, that's when a counselor's work begins.


Counseling 102 teaches students how to identify common issues people deal with such as anxiety, depression, anger, and lonliness. It also focuses on the common issues for different age groups such as adolescents, 20-30 year olds, 40-50 year olds and best way to help people in those groups.


Counseling Lab 103 takes students through the steps of a counseling session. Students will be required to interview one person 3 times. Each interview will include a new set of questions, designed to get the counselor used to asking questions, listening, and gathering information to help identify the main issue the person is deaing with. Once the student completes the interviews, the class will discuss the interviews, identify the main issue, and recommend things to help the person overcome the issues based on the Biblical Counseling textbook and the Bible. All discussions are completely anonymous for confidentiaity purposes. The names of the people being interviewed are not shared in the class.