March 2019   


Bachelor’s Degree in Theology


Students interested in delving deep into the theology of the Christian religion can enroll in the Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, an intense 2 year study of theology.



  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Pre-Ordination & Licensing Course or equivolent education.



English Grammar & Composition: This course will allow students to develop effective reading comprehension skills and utilize the fundamentals of grammar usage to produce impact writing.

Effective Writing: This course is designed to teach students an effective way to convey thoughts and emotions and to use words to bring their lectures and lessons to life.

College Mathematics: This course will provide the students with the application and practice opportunities needed to apply key concepts of arithmetic.

Earth Science: This course is designed to teach the student how to interpret ancient environments, and the age of the earth, We will focus on methods of dating rocks, the formation of minerals and rocks, the surficial and internal processes as well as the concepts of plate tectonics.

World History: This course will give the student a basic knowledge of the history of the world from the 16th century to the present.



Social Religion: This course will examine and explain the purposes as well as the cause and effect of religion and society

History & Philosophy of the Bible: This course will allow the student to anayze the history of the Bible beginning with Genesis and ending in Revelation as well as providing students with the understanding needed to interpret and explain the meaning of the scriptures from Greek and Hebrew manuscripts.

Laws, Customs, & Traditions: In this course, students will analyze, identify, and interpret the Laws, Customs, & Traditions of the Christian World.

Bible Chronology & Geneology: This course will allow students to identify and interpret each stage of the Bible and how they are interdependent. It will also allow students to examine and interpret the geneological importance of man in God.

Denominations: This course will allow students to effectively analyze doctrine to identify the similarities and differences among the different denominations of the Christian faith.

Theology Digest: This course will make biblical teaching on a wide variety of topics available to the student, ranging from individual books of the Bible to specific theological ideas to individual ideas that might appear only a few times or even once in scriptures.

Calvin's Institutes of Christian Religion: This course will focus on the study of Calvinism in America and the world.

Church History: The Complete Works of Josephus and Philo: This course focuses on the historical writing  of and the accounts of Jesus and his ministry through the eyes of Josephus and Philo.

Transliteration: (Greek, Hebrew): This course is designed to teach students the conversion of a text from one script to another. 

New Testament Greek: This course gives students and in depth study of the Greek dialogue that became manuscript of transation for the word of God.

Biblical Geography: The geographical study of the world according to biblical times. The student will learn about the travels and journeys of Old Testament Patriarchs and the world as they knew it. They will also learn the origin of the names of the tribes and countries.

Sermons & Hymns: This course wil give students a comprehensive study of historical sermons and hymns that changed and shaped our culture.

Religion, Manuscripts, & Interpretations: This course is designed to give students an in depth knowledge of Biblical manuscripts and their intrepretations.